responding in times of crises

When crisis strikes, urgent resources are ready, and often prepositioned, to reach areas in need as quickly as possible through ADRA’s global network and partners. Funds, materials, and personnel are coordinated through ADRA’s country offices nearest to the disaster so plans can be put into action immediately and appropriate relief supplies reach the areas hardest hit. 

Did you Know?

Vietnam is one of five countries in the world most seriously affected by climate change and is particularly susceptible to natural disasters, rising sea levels and other climatic changes. 

Its negative impacts are often more severely felt by marginalized groups and poor communities.  ADRA in Vietnam has therefore implemented disaster preparedness projects targeted at reducing the vulnerability of visually impaired people. 

We also have a long history responding to natural disasters in Vietnam, delivering relief and nutritional packages to most affected areas and helping these communities recover. 

Given that a vast majority of the rural population in Vietnam base their livelihoods on agriculture and fishing, sectors which are extremely vulnerable to climate variability, ADRA in Vietnam has increased our focus on livelihoods adaptation and integrating the issue of climate change into all our projects.


1710 lives++

In 2020 ADRA Vietnam supported 400 food packages in Hanoi and Cao Bang provinces, 200 water tanks in Vinh Long, 1110 households received cash in Hue and Ha Tinh


2020 Emergency Response


Capacity Building for Climate Change Adaptation & Disaster Risk Management Project (CADIM)


Enhance community capacity in Community-based Disaster Risk Management planning and implementation project



Vietnam is located in the area that is effected by typhoons, floods and droughts. ADRA Vietnam prepares National Emergency Management Plan (NEMP) to be proactive in emergency response. ADRA Vietnam has delivered tens of thousand essential needs including food and non-food items in the past 30 years.