Women and Girls Raised Their Voice

Not only aiming at empowering the locals with knowledge of developing sustainable livelihood, but also the SLDP project is centering on women and girls in acknowledging fully their rights. The communication event was organized within five days of September (from 7th to 12th) by ADRA Vietnam, in Bao Lam and Bao Lac – Cao Bang Province, in order to fulfill the mission.

Gathering in this occasion were 459 children and 350 women; among those, there have been 7 people having disability and 11 pregnant women. We gladly welcomed all of them to attend 10 meetings of Community Development Club. What more than just the attendance of people was the real engagement of them into the discussion! Some might get nervous from the beginning, but they soon participated actively into the experience sharing time. Young girls were encouraged to speak out their situation, and were equipped with the right to be educated and the right to freely deliver their own choices of future living. Those seemed getting over-excited of this activity, since many raised hand and voice to let others known about their future plan, their opinion of early marriage, as well as their dream career.

In general, know-how of healthy pregnancy was diffused to all attendees, encouraging them to access proper health check at official clinics during this special period. Questions of personal caring, resting and nutritious diet were provoked widely, so that people could share their own experiences and knowledge, before coming up to the advice of specialists. Specially, first time of this topic, males’ opinions were also brought into debate, creating a friendly exchange environment to all people concerned. At the end of every meeting, our project officers did deliver flyers to each person, which added up more information of the woman’s right and served as a useful material for spreading knowledge to the whole community.

The rest of 18 CDCs in 2 project districts (Bao Lam and Bao Lac) will also enjoy the organization of this activity until the end of September, so we look forward to more success.

Women and girls are identified as a distinctively powerful source of change. They possess unique knowledge and skills to contribute to the future shape, to implement positive adjustments for their families and communities. Acknowledging this fact, ADRA has been so far working on all efforts, to empower this group and help them nurture their competences.