No more concern

For many years, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nguyen (80 years old) has been living with her husband and son in An Nhon village, Trung Thanh commune. Her son named Le Thanh Truc is the only bread winner of the family, based on his job as a freelance builder. Not much and stable the income source Truc can earn, therefore the life of this whole family is very simple with the most basic conditions.

What used to worry Truc most is the sanitation condition for his parents, because they are old but had to walk a distance of 15 meters from the house to use the ‘fish pond’ toilet. The job requires Truc to stay home occasionally as the rest he stayed at the construction site. “Rain, storm, slippery road all can cause danger to my parents. Yet we could only ask for the luck of destiny”, Truc said.

Ms. Nguyen told: “my legs shake when I walk on the tiny bridge above the pond to the toilet. Few times I almost fell into the water.”

Ms. Nguyen was encouraged to build household toilet by LIBRE project. The project offered a grant to the families in difficulties like hers. Truc – her son had to contribute some more finance to purchase materials, but he built the toilet by himself to save money for hiring people. Now the two old people in Ms. Nguyen’s family are safer and more satisfied when using the new toilet.

The joy does not stop for Ms. Nguyen only. Her daughter in law lives next door with the grandchildren. They are taught and encouraged to use the new toilet in Ms. Nguyen’s house in order to ensure proper hygiene and build up self-esteem.