Story of Storms : “We are enlightened by Human Kindness”

First Story : SHARING – When kindness blooms over the storm

After the continuous hit of two super storms unto Vietnam’s Central Coast by October 2013, the territory has suffered profound impacts within 15 days of direct effects, and further time coming of post-storm.

Tremendous consequences have been left over the residents’ life, required huge efforts to get back to the prior state.

Being the first actor on field responding to the wake of emergency, ADRA Vietnam delivered directly 550 food reliefs to the victims of Wutip Typhoon – locally so-called Tenth Storm of the season.

The aid was not all what we wanted to provide, yet it was the best based on the agency’s financial capacity and the initially participatory assessment over severity of each case. The story came up when our staff handed packages to the people.

« We thank a lot for the support and we will share this with our neighbors. There are still many others facing difficulties and they also need help »

« Even if the relief package is with smaller value, but more of us receive first aid, I am still happy »

These sharing indeed touched our heart. We deeply felt the tight bond existing among community, that have brought people together, equipped them the readiness to share in any circumstance.

Second Story : UNITING – Human Kindness Creates Profound Change and Enlightens the World

Continuing our effort for giving hand to those in need, ADRA Vietnam has endeavored its best to bring more help to the sufferers of Nari Typhoon – the Eleventh Storm lashing Vietnam in 2013.

With the similarly restricted funding source, ADRA determined to provide aid towards larger population. In the second time, the number of beneficiaries was doubled to 1000 units, thereby raising hope to a lot more locals. Of this moment, the provision of basic food items, including rice and instant noodle, was still ensured ; while the value of each relief pack was in fact not as much as the previous time. Happiness nevertheless was witnessed of being multiplied among all, since everyone was attached deeply from their heart to true compassion and empathy.

« Mother Thiem » – the so-called 90 year-old-woman of Dien Hong Commune, Quang Nam – was one of foremost persons receiving ADRA’s first aid. She was living alone in the Communal Health Clinic and getting support from the neighbors. Her shelter lucliky escaped unscathed, but her daily life was put into threat,  because most of the surroundings have had their arable land damaged  or livelihood impacted.

«I was happy to receive this aid. Even Ms. Lan, one nurse of the clinic,  helped me get the pack on behalf, I still want to come here for sending a heartfelt thank to the supporters. » – stated by Mother Thiem.

An ample of mutual assistances among local people were also recorded throughout the operation. Neighbors supported each other to bring aid package back home, the elders were assisted by the youngers, local volunteers aided residents for carrying and loading. All were at great spirit.

By Sharing and Uniting, we believe that a better future is built up.

Recorded by: Trang Vu, Marketing Officer

Photo: © 2013 ADRA Vietnam | Trang Vu