Solar power is kicked start in CARE project

Continuing the renewable energy component of CARE project, installation of solar power systems was initiated from late November 2015, holding purpose of helping remote communities in Bao Toan and Thuong Ha commune (Bao Lac district, Cao Bang province, Vietnam) receive reliable off-grid electricity.

Forty households were selected, of which 50% had not had access to any electric power supply. Five families of this group were Mong ethnic minority people, whose shelters resided on tops of the mountains and far from the water sources. The rest had electricity in shortage for more than 2 months of the year.

Prior to the handover of small solar home systems, training workshops on the techniques of installing, activating and maintaining the equipment were organized in 2 villages, the Ban Lung of Bao Toan commune and Na Ngam B of Thuong Ha commune. On the 27th of November, 25 members of selected beneficiary households attended the events to learn and practice the installation under instruction of supply company official and CARE project officers.

The solar home system supported by CARE project to each family is the package of panel, generator, multifunction phone charger, two LED light bulbs of 5 Watts each and one fan of 12 Watts. The daily electricity generating power reaches 120 Watt-hour. Full charge for solar panel takes 6 to 8 hours, serving 5 continuous hours of turning on 2 light bulbs and 1 fan.

This activity followed the setup of 12 pico-hydro power generators, already creating benefits for 36 households and 1 sub-school of Na Tong village, Hung Dao commune (Bao Lac district, Cao Bang province, Vietnam).