Overcome Adversity

Mrs. Ho Thi Be who was born in 1979 in Tay Hoang village, Quang Thai commune, Quang Dien district is born blind. She married Mr. Ngo Van Thuan who is also disabled with paralysis since he was 4 years old. They have two children who are healthy like other children that make them so happy.

The Center for disabled people trained them a vocation and provided machine for them to make incense sticks. She said: “Everyday my husband goes to markets to sell incense sticks, some days he does not sell any. On the middle and the first days of lunar calendar months he sells more. Many people who know about our situation help to buy sticks.”

Apart from making incense sticks, they raise chickens to make more income for their children’s education. “Raising chickens provide eggs for the family but the typhoon in 2017 took away their chickens”, Mr. Nhuận said regretfully.

The Damrey project provided 80 chickens at 21 days old and 3 bags of chicken food. The project also trained techniques how to raise chicken. Mr. Be is confident and has well experience. Just give the chickens gulps of Vitamin C she just prepared, she said: “Because I am blind, I have to pay more attention. When the technical staff came to my house to instruct, I asked many questions, especially how to take care of the chickens when the weather is too hot.”

Though life is very challenging, it does not dampen them. They always smile and talk about their plan to multiple the herd. It heralds optimism about family economic change. Overall, the strong willing helps the couple to overcome all adversity, from disability to extreme weather in the land of the Central.