Pursuing the dream

ADRA Vietnam awarded 302 scholarships to primary students in 4 wards of Tay Ninh province.

The opening ceremony of new school year became more meaningful with the ADRA’s activity of awarding scholarships to the students who have difficult living circumstances.

This highlighted action lies in our series of helping children dream for the future. The giving gift is of reasonable value, which is 500,000VND per kid, but of huge message to the young “KEEP PURSUING THE EDUCATIONAL PATH”.

Trang, a 7-year-old lucky pupil receiving grant, expressed her feeling on great excitement: “I love going to school, love studying to broaden my horizon. But my family confronts challenges of sending me to school every year, since we are too poor to afford the tuition fee and school suppliers. With this gift, my life seems changing with more chances of being with my friends, my teachers and learning my favorite subjects. I am extremely happy at the moment”.

In this third year of giving scholarships, ADRA honored to extend more chance for a larger number of receivers. We sincerely thank you the collaboration of primary schools in Tay Ninh, who also supported ADRA a lot in brightening this chance.