Prevention of HIV/AIDS and STD(s)

Communication Event at Quang Tien Commune

A series of activities themed on raising public awareness of HIV/AIDS and STD(s) for students and young  people at local areas have been conducted by ADRA Vietnam since 2012. This month, we cooperated with  local authorities and our partner in TAISEI-VINACONEX project to implement the event at Quang Tien  Commune, Hanoi.

It took only one hour of traveling to the site, but the whole ADRA staffs all got over-excited of the number of  participants and their spirit. More than 110 students, teachers and other young people from Quang Tien were  at the venue, ready to get updated information for protecting themselves before it is TOO LATE.

Core section of diffusing knowledge about HIV/AIDS, STD(s),  including the ways of transmission and different methods to prevent, was delivered by Mr. Nguyen Anh Thinh –Program Director. In this event, students and the Youth Union members had chance to  exchange ideas, acquire knowledge and increase consciousness through various images shown, interactive  games and the Q&A forum conducted. Besides, the free consulting hotline was introduced to everyone, bringing  opportunities of sharing and receiving advice.

The event came to an end, but everyone was looking forward to the next sharing activity like this. All felt more  confident now of the know-how acquired and they all sensed the responsibility of being the social propagandists,  in order to spread the content today to the surrounding community.

A message was unanimously given – “Each protects yourself before it’s too late”.