New roofs ignite the new hope

The opening ceremony of two new houses for selected members of the Thai Binh Blind Association – Ms. Loi and Ms. Na – was held. Through private donations, ADRA supported partially to the reconstruction and upgrading of the accommodation.

The Thai Binh Blind Association has been long-term partner with ADRA in project Creating Opportunities for People with Visual Impairments. The two parties have been exchanging continuous support to the less fortunate cases involving people with visual impairments.

This year, the total grant of 48 million VND were gifted to Ms. Loi and Ms. Na in order to complete the purchase of construction materials, hiring labors and adding some basic equipment to the new house.

Ms. Loi classified as extremely poor was living alone in a 25m2 house. The shelter was severely degraded by time with leaked roof, collapsed wall and broken floor. Her wish was to have a safer house before the reach of the ADRA’s initiative came to her. Despite the building was not entirely assisted by ADRA, the organization had raised the flag and collaborated closely with the Blind Association in the area to call upon kindness of other donors. Now her wish comes true and she is happy of the newly constructed house. She said “This is the most valuable asset of my life.”

Ms. Na was born blind and is living with her 80 year-old-mother. Her mother experienced life trauma since two of her daughters were born with disabilities, the first one passed away. The only normal child already set up marriage and she is staying with the husband’s family. Ms. Na and her mother cannot receive much support from the two siblings, they are all struggling with the difficult situation for daily living.

Years ago, when the mother of Ms. Na underwent a stroke that left her with the consequence of paralysis, they both confronted enormous threat from the corrupted house structure.  The Thai Binh Blind Association understood their situation and proposed to ADRA for assistance. The agreement was passed and with 30 million VND of ADRA in addition to the local donation, a new house was completed with proper indoor toilet. Ms. Na was delighted in the ceremony of opening the new shelter. “It’s not the simple one anymore, it has the new equipment and new toilet. I feel so appreciative.”