Livelihood Improvement for Building Resilient Communities Project (LIBRE)

Climate change is placing more visible impacts on the region of Mekong River Delta. While sunny season lasts longer with high temperature, causing acute drought in many areas; the rainy season in turn gets shorter with unstable rainfalls, rendering unpredicted flooding. Accompanied by rising sea level, saltwater intrusion heads further beyond the coast, directly affecting the interior provinces such as Can Tho and Vinh Long. All of these not only concern the human’s safety, but also hinder the efforts of improving social and economic life at locality.

In order to address the urgent issue, ADRA in Vietnam implements the Livelihood Improvement for Building Resilient Community Project (LIBRE) in Vung Liem and Tra On district of Vinh Long province. The project is funded by New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, led by ADRA New Zealand, developed and directly executed by ADRA in Vietnam. This is a 4-year-project commencing in 2013..

The activities of Livelihood Improvement for Building Resilient Communities Project (LIBRE) will focus on sustainable economic development, specifically targeting agriculture and mainstreaming community-based disaster risk management (CBDRM). The project aims to achieve following outputs:

  • Community members are trained in community-based disaster risk management;
  • Community members develop community-based disaster risk management plans;
  • Training on market-oriented production and value-added activities are provided to beneficiary households;
  • Revolving cow loans and revolving monetary loans for income generation models are brought into practice;
  • Market events are held and market analysis of cow and agro-products and of prospective business partners are conducted.