Literacy Class Empowers Ethnic Minority Women (LICEEM)

LICEEM (Literacy Class Empowers Ethnic Minority Women) is a three-year project that aims to promote and improve the overall social status of ethnic minority women in Cao Bang Province through awareness raising and educational activities. LICEEM works in collaboration with the local Women’s Union and facilitates numeracy and literacy classes using participatory learning approaches.

Duration: 03 years (2009 – 2012)
Donor: ADRA Australia
Location: Cao Bang Province (Bao Lam, Bao Lac and Ha Quang districts)
Sector: Education
Beneficiaries: Illiterate ethnic minority women aged above 25 in target areas
Main partners: The Cao Bang Provincial Women’s Union, Department of Education and Training

Stories from the project:
“When approached by ADRA in Vietnam about a project to help improve the lives of ethnic minority women in Cao Bang, the idea of literacy classes came to us. We wrote a concept note and submitted it to ADRA in Vietnam. ADRA staff then worked with us to develop the proposal and the budget. Finally, through ADRA in Vietnam’s connection with ADRA Australia, the funding was secured.

We then presented the proposal to the local authorities and all relevant departments for their feedback and final approval. Throughout this process, we managed to make sure that everybody recognized the importance of the project and showed their commitment to supporting the project in its implementation.

LICEEM is a big project with different components taking place on a large project site. For LICEEM to succeed, it would require a lot of cooperation and determination from the local authorities and people. That is why at the very beginning of the project, I requested ADRA in Vietnam to organize a Planning Workshop with the participation of all key stakeholders to once again confirm their commitment and develop the master work-plan for the project with their inputs.

As the head of the Project Management Unit, I will try my best to fulfill my responsibilities as the focal point for the project implementation and to encourage other Women’s Union staff’s and members’ participation in the project. I anticipate a lot of challenges, especially in mobilizing people to come to the literacy classes and clubs and in accessing locally available resources. But I am excited to work in this project with the project team and other partners and believe that the project will be successful. You will hear more success stories from LICEEM in a near future”

Ms. Nong Thi N.
51 years of age
Provincial Women’s Union – Cao Bang