Happiness from simplicity

I just caught his first look randomly, something was really catchy – his sparkling smile.

Among lots of others receiving the first aid from ADRA Vietnam, he seemed like the smallest guy coming with us. I have decided to run after him, part is because of curiosity; part is due to the desire of helping him carry the pack.

He then appeared with his relatives, the uncle and the aunt. The story was told, not by him, but by the adults. He lost father several years ago, and his mother was far away for business. The guy is living now with his uncle and aunt. They all try to take care of him, to compensate for him partially, but they are always in difficult conditions.

Last typhoon Wutip has intensified the challenges confronted for these people. The aggressive winds swept away, unroofed the whole ceiling, which was made by a thin single layer only. The flood rushed over the crops, ruined all the products that have not yet harvested. The livestock was not evacuated in time, so was drown by half. Difficulty layered by another, they are now struggling with the risk of lacking food for the next 1-2 months, while they have to invest money into the shelter repairment.

“I was so happy, we almost run out of rice and other basic items. We are trying to fix the house now, at least we need a shelter. We do not have enough money to do both, even part of the cost for roofing materials were borrowed from other family”, said the uncle.

I reckoned that the ADRA’s aid pack is not of huge value. But the thing makes us truly happy is that it comes to those most in need in time.

Quick response to those most in need after Wutip Typhoon

ADRA’s staffs are proactively setting up an aid program towards Quang Binh – the most profoundly impacted region by Wutip Typhoon.

“Priority has been put first and foremost to the most severely affected victims”. Till this weekend, we will finish initial assessment of losses and quickly deliver relief packages to the people.

Expectedly, 550 packs of 600,000VND per each value (roughly 30$), including food and other basic items, will be provided to the local.

Wutip is the tenth storm of this year, affecting the Vietnamese territory. It is considered as the strongest of last 6 years (by Vietnam Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology), resulted in massive destruction over residents’ assets, including house roof, agricultural land, public facilities and so on.