Creating Opportunities for People with Visual Impairment (CROP)

CROP (Creating Opportunities for People with Visual Impairment in Hanoi) is a three year project which improves the Hanoi Blind Association’s capacity through training in advocacy, fund-raising, IT skills, marketing skills, massage therapy, and Braille literacy. The Hanoi Blind Association’s staff will be able to utilize these skills via retraining other staff or members, awareness raising, fund-raising and marketing, delivering vocational training and Braille literacy for its members and support skills for parents or caregivers.

Duration: 03 years (2010 – 2012)
Donor: ADRA Australia
Location: Ha Noi
Sector: Education
Beneficiaries: Adults and children with visual impairment and their families
Main partners: Hanoi Blind Association

Stories from the project:

“Born with low vision, I have only 30% vision in my right eye. My husband was born blind and works as a masseur. I wanted to learn massage therapy but was hesitant and shy. My husband did not support me, saying it was too difficult to learn and not suitable for women. Last year, my husband opened his own massage service after 11 years of working for others. I helped him care for the business, and learnt some basic massage skills. It was not easy but I wanted to learn
I was given the opportunity to take a short course by the Hanoi Blind Association (HBA). However, after the course, I was not very confident. Then, when I heard the HBA was opening a two-month Training of Trainers (TOT) course on massage therapy, I applied and participated in the course. The course was challenging but really interesting. I learnt a lot from professionals and other participants. I improved a lot in my massage and communication skills. It made me feel more confident.
After the training, my husband and I invited one of my classmates, a beginner in the course, to work for us. Though she learnt a lot through the course, she had no experience and needed many instructions. I have also become much more confident supporting my husband in our massage business.
I’ve known about ADRA since I attended a Braille literacy class by the Ha Tay Blind Association, supported by ADRA. Upon receiving the invitation to attend this massage therapy TOT course, I was so happy to have another opportunity to improve my life. I am thankful for that, and I am proud of having helped not only myself but also other people overcome our challenges in life.”
Ms. Nguyen Thi T.
26 years old
Thuong Tin District, Hanoi