Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

Your Gift Lights up Future Lives

Sponsoring a child is a powerful way to build up better future for everyone

This is for real, and as simple as that.

In Vietnam, thousands of children grow up in poverty. Every day, they face threats of lacking food, clean water, education and likelihood of being socially excluded. ADRA in Vietnam kicks start the Child Sponsorship Program, from 2009, in order to connect generous donors with kids in special needs.

The program is designed to bring sponsorship to individuals, with support maintained up to the age of eighteen (in most implementing cases till now). ADRA staffs will directly award scholarship to the children and constantly follow changes and report back to the donors.

Your kindness will go beyond materialistic presents. It is a beautiful LOVE BOND created to complete this world.

The future of children is in our hands

Our future is in theirs