Bao Lac Income Generation Project (BIG)

The Bao Lac Income Generation (BIG) project will address high levels of poverty in Bao Lac District, Cao Bang Province through asset support for sustainable household incomes. The project establishes a goat bank and goat product industry in Bao Lac. Through training and hands on support the households will increase and diversify their income with the sale of mature goats and the sale of goat products. With initial household training in the care of goats through animal husbandry workshops there will be the potential for care and breeding of goats. Further workshops and testing of alternative income generation methods from goats will be explored with households to research the potential for “Clean and Green” goat meat. There is a variety of markets to explore with goats and goat meat that ensures a constant demand for goats. A few initiatives that promote goat milk product will be taken into account and supported.

Project Duration: 1 April 2020 – 30 December 2021

Location: Bao Lac district, Cao Bang

Donor: ADRA International

Partner: Cao Bang and Bao Lac Women Unions

Expected Benefits: 60 goat client household’s assets will increase annually. The potential exists for a target household to produce 8 goats per year and if they are all sold at maturity that could earn over USD 800. (Average annual income in Bao Lac District in 2019 is USD 1,043 and in target communes is USD 739).