Australia to provide central Vietnam AUD1 million for flood recovery

Hanoi, 25 January 2021, the Australian government is providing AUD 1 million for humanitarian
response to people suffering from the impacts of the severe flooding in Thừa Thiên Huế, Quảng Trị, and
Quảng Nam provinces. The grant will be managed by the consortium of World Vision, ADRA and CARE,
which are members of Australian Humanitarian Partnership.

The consortium will work closely with the
district level government authorities in improving access to safe water, promoting hygiene and
sanitation, ensuring protection for beneficiaries and relief workers, and facilitating livelihood recovery to
over 25,000 people.

This joint response is implemented for six months from December 2020 to May 2021 where most
affected households will be assisted through an integrated package of interventions, including
household kits, WASH kits, in-kind and cash transfer, and protection support. Our proposed actions aim
to provide assistance to those in the most urgent needs, in support of the local government response
and in line with the Government request for relief assistance. The response plan was based on the
results of the joint Damage and Needs Assessment conducted between the government and
humanitarian organizations, as well as national and sub-national government agencies.

This response builds on the contribution from the initial humanitarian efforts back in October 2020.
After further assessment, the consortium notices the needs to provide the affected people with financial
assistance on top of other supports to help them meet their immediate needs and fast track the
recovery process.

“After a series of challenging weather events for Central Vietnam, ADRA is proud to be responding so
quickly with CARE and World Vision with the support of the Australian Government to address the
devastating impacts on households and communities. Together with our local partners and the
participation of affected communities these areas will bounce back faster and be more resilient and
ready to cope with emergency situations in the future” said Mr. Quentin Campbell, Country Director of
ADRA Vietnam.

“We are thankful for the support from the Australian Government which enables the AHP partners like us
to promptly provide relief and recovery assistance to thousands of households in the central of Vietnam.
After such a turbulent year in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the severe flood, this assistance
package will help not only responding to today’s emergencies but also preparing people for their
tomorrow’s,” shared Ms. Le Kim Dung, Country Director of CARE International in Vietnam.

The Australian Humanitarian Partnership is also working with local communities to ensure that
mechanisms are strengthened to support and protect vulnerable groups like women, girls, people and
children with disabilities, and those vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

“Through consortia, we are committed to act fast to provide for the needs of the affected children and
community with practical support to help them rebuild their lives,” stated World Vision Vietnam’s
National Director Trần Thu Huyền.

As of 25 January 2020, the integrated support packages have reached nearly 14,500 affected people in
the target areas in Thừa Thiên Huế, Quảng Trị, and Quảng Nam provinces.