Advanced acupressure massage class for blind people (TMT)

Thai Binh Blind Association center was created in 1982 for the benefit of the large population of blind persons. There are 2,367 people in Thai Binh province who are legally blind. The center is used to teach and train blind people in life skills and vocational training for the purpose of generating income so they may successfully integrate into society. The Association focuses on helping families realize their family member has great potential and will be able to sustain and support themselves.  Since the year 2000 more than 350 students have completed the basic massage course in Thai Binh and are working in jobs related to massage. Most of the previous course graduates stay in the province, but some have moved to Hanoi and some have opened their own massage studios.

The project will fund two groups of 16 students through an advanced acupressure massage course. The result will be to have 16 trained students at the end of each course who are ready for employment. The training will allow them to provide income, gain independence and promote self-reliance for them and their families.

To be selected for the course the students must be in good health, over 18 years old and committed to making a change in their life. The course is 3-6 months long depending on the number of certificates achieved.

Duration: 6 months (2024)
Donor: LDSC U.S.A
Location: Thai Binh
Sector: Education/ Vocational Training
Beneficiaries: Adults with visual impairment and their families
Main partners: Thai Binh Blind Association