The Syntropic Community Agriculture for Environment (SCAPE)

The aim of this project is to increase the incomes of households through more agricultural outputs generation thanks to organic technique applied. The households will be introduced Syntrophic Farming to communities in Vietnam. This is a method of agroforestry developed by Ernst Götsch. Its strength comes from the tendency for nature to rehabilitate land, taking it from barren to fertile and densely vegetated. Syntropic farming relies on intelligent, biodiverse and dense planting schemes. The planting schemes are made up of consortiums. The term consortium is used to describe a mix of both trees and vegetables which can be cooperatively grown together. This is similar to companion planting and intercropping, but more complicated because it takes into consideration the plants role in natural succession.

The beneficiaries in this project are the households living nearby the special-use forest, in particularly, in 3 villages Khanh Thuong, Yen Bai, Minh Quang of Ba Vi district. The project will impact positively to these villages and communities within as a whole.

Project’s outcome:

  • Total of 1000ha of special use forest land will be covered with plants and  trees under the organic cultivation technique;
  • Total of 1000ha of special use forest soil quality will be improved under the organic cultivation technique;
  • 30 households and 20 members of Forest management unit (FMU) are given training on organic cultivation technique;
  • 3 households will be consulted to implement Syntropic farm model to represent at each commune;
  • 30 households improve their economics status thanks to more food are produced in their farm.