It’s beautiful the summer month of June

Opening with the universally recognized Children’s Day, June holds a bunch of surprises and excitements to serve people.  The sun drops light most of the day, the flower gorgeously blossoms, the children in most of tropical countries eagerly start their longest yearly holiday.

June also creates the difference in Cao Bang, where 28 Community Development Clubs (CDCs) of Sustainable Livelihood Development Project (SLDP) initiated by ADRA in Vietnam are thriving and prospering. During this month, numerous social activities are generated and executed by the project staffs, with active engagement of the specially targeted groups.

Communication events and training on pre-summer basic skills are organized in all 28 CDCs, following established schedule of SLDP. Selected topic lays emphasis on issue of health, as summer performs peak season of hidden risks affecting the living and sometimes survival of dwellers.

Throughout training, knowledge and preventing methods of summer diseases are illustrated via appealing posters of various circumstances and discussed openly among participants and the trainers. This enables rich and voluntary local sharing, forming the trust platform and allowing better practices later.

A special theme is also included this time, referring to key notes and essential skills of survival for children as rainy and flooding season are approaching. In Cao Bang and especially in SLDP sites, facilities and infrastructure are not fully invested, protection system is not yet formed, understanding to identify potential risks is in acute lack, adults spend too much time to earn the living, children therefore become an extreme target for vulnerability. By telling true stories of unfortunate victims, combining with explanation of collected images, the project team helps diffuse practical knowledge on self-protection.

Last activity of event, children have fun time while participating in organized games and receiving sweets to celebrate the International Children’s Day.

Accompanying with SLDP staffs in communication events and training are members of CDCs’ Steering Committee and local health workers, who directly deliver messages and technical instructions to the local. Participation of children, pregnant women and ones having small babies is guaranteed 100%, revealing local concerns and confirming effective preparation before the events.