For what we are doing, and hope to contribute, we believe and try our best

Connections 2014:

The blessings shared among us

The spirit of volunteerism

The change we can create by own hands

Keep it unstoppable

“Fly beyond your border” was the initial project concept we set up for the year 2014. Believing in the world with lots of generous hearts, the idea of connecting communities and communities, bringing people to people was nurtured and propelled.

The idea was not to shock people by different ways of thought, of a variety of strange cultural practices, of the miserable conditions that a large population in developing countries are suffering, but to challenge own self with wide-eyed enthusiasm. And so to make you believe that you are more powerful than the problems you confront and you can support the Positive Changes everywhere.

In 2014, we were blessed to welcome 3 Connections Team, one from the Mosaic Community Church, New Zealand and the others from Avondale College and Greater Sydney Conference, Australia. All were connected to school projects, with the aim of spreading magic over the young generations of Vietnam.

We embraced the unforgettable moment as few team members of Mosaic Community Church burst into tears for the love generated with the Vietnamese kids. We appreciated the effort of cooperating among local communities in everywhere we based. We saw sweat, smile; experienced pleasant and unpleasant moments; but above all, we kept the most sincerely heartfelt thank you to all supporters of ADRA.

One boarding house for the accommodation of ethnic minority students, so they have better place to stay while being far away from home; two concrete playgrounds for the little students studying uphill, so they have a real place to practice physical exercises, to study outdoors under the nice weather, to play their favorite games with peers; two tanks for water storage, so to serve the most basic demand of keeping personal hygiene; those were proud achievements of 2014.

We would look forward to 2015, with more Connections to be created, with more lives in need to be touched, with more blessings to be shared.

May the magic of 2015 fill joy and happiness in every single heart.