Our Policy


It is part of ADRA’s mission to:

Facilitate of the right and ability of all children to attain their full potential, and to assist in assuring the child’s survival to achieve that potential.

Child protection is integral to the pursuit of this mission and is therefore detailed in this document for implementation through ADRA in Vietnam’s programs.

See more details of Child Protection Policy in English and Vietnamese click here.

ADRA in Vietnam (hereafter called ADRA) has a zero tolerance principle to fraud and corruption. As an organization that condemns and fights corruption as one of the key drivers of poverty, environmental degradation and bad governance, it requires its own employees at all time to act and comply with its zero tolerance principle by fully conforming to all procedures and policies adopted to prevent corruption and fraud in our offices. All employees should therefore be irreproachable in their personal conduct.

ADRA will deal with fraud and corruption in a firm and quickly manner, including a detailed investigation when necessary regardless if the fraud or corruption is caused by its staff or the signed contractors. In some cases the action of the signed contractors may be the responsibility of ADRA, directors and staff. Fraud and corruption may lead to punishment (including labour disciplines, immediate dismiss staff and terminate labour contract) and legal actions (including civil lawsuit and criminal procedure).

This policy is built to explain the moral standards to fraud and corruption investigation which ADRA expects staff and the signed contractors will follow as well as to guide how to report the prohibited behaviours.

See more details of this policy in English and Vietnamese click here.