Sustainable Livelihood Development Project (SLDP)

The Sustainable Livelihood Development Project (SLDP) aims at developing the livelihoods of marginalized ethnic minority communities in Cao Bang Province (Bao Lam and Bao Lac districts) in a sustainable and participatory manner, employing a community-led and people-centered approach through the established Community Development Club (CDC) network.

Working closely with Cao Bang Province since the early age of establishment, ADRA in Vietnam has built up strong relationship with the local authorities and communities in this Northern Mountainous Region.

A recent 3-year-project LICEEM has laid strong focus on empowering ethnic minority women by increasing literacy to thousands of members. As a result, lots of women have gain confidence to speak out their opinions and take lead in development schemes.

In order to reach out a wider community and to promote sustainable growth, which necessarily employs a community-led and people-centered approach, ADRA in Vietnam executes a livelihood improvement project with fund from ADRA Australia.

Duration: 40 months (March 2013 – June 2016)

Location: Bao Lam and Bao Lac district of Cao Bang province

Implementing partners: Women’s Union and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development


955 Primary Beneficiaries including 535 CDC members who receive capacity building and participate in livelihood development initiatives, 15 staff members from the WU and DARD who act as facilitators for the 28 CDC, 84 Club Leaders and 321 children who directly participate in different project activities identified and implemented by the CDCs and get benefits such as child rights awareness raising

3,040 Secondary Beneficiaries including the CDC members’ families and other villagers living in the same communities, who have access to the various activities of the CDCs and benefit from the improved capacity of community leaders thanks to the capacity building of the project.

The project is activated by the formation of 28 Community Development Clubs (CDCs), constituting a network of sharing and co-progressing. The implementing partner staff, CDC leaders and CDC members are to be supported to enhance local capacity in leadership, management and livelihood development via TOTs method.

Project also boosts local well-being and livelihoods by partially funding potential Community Development Initiatives and Income Generation Schemes while they are brought into practice.

This 40-month-SLDP does not give a man the fish, but shows him how to fish.