Vietnam recognizes that all children have the right to education and the standards and level of education in Vietnam has risen in great leaps in recent years. The literacy rate in Vietnam is approximately 94%, with over 90% of school-age children enrolled in primary education (Source: GSO).  While these statistics are impressive, glaring disparities remain between the educational achievements of ethnic minority groups, particularly women, compared with the Kinh majority (Viet people). The illiteracy rate among ethnic minority people is high and only a small percentage have had any formal education.  This lack of education is inextricably linked to persistently high poverty rates within these communities.

ADRA in Vietnam is empowering ethnic minority women and men in remote mountainous regions of northern Vietnam through literacy and numeracy training and education about community development issues. We see education as a tool for sustainable development and the first step towards improving the socio-economic status of marginalized groups in Vietnam.

Current Projects:

Literacy Class Empowers Ethnic Minority Women (LICEEM), Cao Bang