incoming generation

While Vietnam has achieved rapid economic growth in recent decades, the development of the country has not been evenly distributed and the incidence of poverty still remains high.  Currently, approximately 18% of the rural population live under the national poverty line, which translates to a monthly income of under US$20 per person.   In some provinces, such as Cao Bang (one of our main project locations), some 40% of the population are living in poverty.

For poor and marginalized communities, opportunities for income generation are limited, due to a lack of education, environmental factors or social exclusion.   ADRA in Vietnam is committed to enhancing the livelihoods of these vulnerable groups through a range of targeted and sustainable interventions such as vocational training and micro-credit schemes, including animal loans.

Current projects:

Community and Economic Development for Livelihood Improvement Project (CEDLIP)

Sustainable Livelihood Development Project (SLDP)

Livelihood Improvement for Building Resilient Communities Project (LIBRE)

ADRA in Vietnam’s work in the disability sector

Over the past two decades, ADRA in Vietnam has been working to advance social inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities in the community, particularly for people with visual impairment (PVI).

To improve the socio-economic status, quality of life and independence of PVIs, we are currently working in partnership with the Hanoi Blind Association to implement the Creating Opportunities for People with Visual Impairment (CROP) project through the following activities:

-          Building capacity of HBA staff in the areas of advocacy, fund-raising, IT and marketing skills, marketing skills, massage therapy, and Braille literacy in order to improve delivery and quality of services to its members

-          Conducting Training of Trainers courses, vocational training in massage therapy and Braille literacy classes for HBA staff and its members so to improve livelihoods for PVIs in a sustainable manner

-          Enhancing the access to inclusive education for school-aged children with visual impairment by providing preparation classes in Braille literacy and other life skills such as social interaction, self-help, mobility and orientation skills.  Medical check-ups are also provided to these children.

-          Awareness raising and training in support skills for parents and caregivers of PVIs

These activities have been expanded to also include the support for Thai Binh Blind Association and its members.

In Tay Ninh province, ADRA in Vietnam is assisting visually impaired people and their families to improve economic stability and livelihood security through the provision of cow loans and cow husbandry training.

One of our main objectives is to actively stimulate the participation of marginalized and excluded groups in society, and ultimately in local governance.  We will therefore endeavour to increaseour participation and contribution to inclusive development for people with disabilities in Vietnam.