Vietnam has made major progress in the area of healthcare since the 1990s, evident in considerable improvement of health indicators such as life-expectancy, child mortality and immunization rates.  Despite overall strengthening of the health situation in Vietnam, rural regions, which represent the majority of the poor and ethnic minority population, are still significantly disadvantaged in this area.   Shortcomings such as inadequate hygiene and sanitation; unsafe drinking water; lack of education and knowledge about health and nutrition, particularly sexual and reproductive health (SRH) awareness; and difficulty accessing quality healthcare; are all contributing to serious health problems experienced by rural communities.

Addressing rural health needs is a priority of ADRA in Vietnam.  With increasing HIV prevalence, the lack of formal SRH education in the school curriculum and the high incidence of teenage pregnancy and abortion, ADRA in Vietnam is currently implementing SRH education and counseling interventions in rural and ethnic minority communities.   By bridging the knowledge gap, we enable adolescents and adults make healthy lifestyle choices in the hope of improving the rural health status in Vietnam.

Current Projects: Relating Adults and Youth for Health II (READY II), Cao Bang